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Since 2013, Latitude Lands has proudly etched its name as one of the leading real estate companies in Sri Lanka. We provide a superior range of services and a tailor-made, personalised purchasing experience for our discerning customers looking to buy land to build their dream home. Our lands are offered in various cities, urban and suburban areas, breath-taking rural settings, and more. Also, we consider multiple amenities necessary for a modern lifestyle when selecting the land plots. We offer clear title deeds, professional, hassle-free service, and a wide choice of lands located around Sri Lanka for you to choose from.


At Latitude Lands, we offer our valued customers a range of additional services, including real estate consultancy, legal advisory service, surveying, valuation, and financial services. Additionally, we have a range of payment options to facilitate the purchase transaction easily. We are on the path towards achieving the status as the most preferred real estate partner in Sri Lanka, committed to delivering a transparent, professional service. We believe in helping our customers achieve their real estate aspirations, culminating in improving their lifestyle for a better tomorrow.

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Our values, stakeholder relationships, forward-thinking, and passion for excelling as the premier real estate company are central to our objectives. By providing high-quality lands with a host of services under one roof, we want to contribute our might to improving the lifestyles of Sri Lankans.

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Our utmost vision is to be Sri Lanka’s most sought-after land sale company of choice for our valuable clients by delivering added value through our seamless land offerings and to be the top 5 real estate company in Sri Lanka by 2024


We work to achieve our mission through collaborative stakeholder relationships, meeting and exceeding client expectations for valuable land, innovation, and adhering to industry best practices.

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Everyone has the unique desire to have a lovely home in which to live peacefully with their family. This is referred to as their “home.” Latitude Lands is here to help them realise their ambition. In addition, we seek out areas with a distinct personality to be considered investments that will grow in value over time. We provide you with a selection of the most excellent land alternatives in the country and various other services such as legal and financial assistance, consulting services, and so on.


As one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Sri Lanka, I am pleased to announce that we have successfully offered our customers over one hundred land projects. Since our establishment in 2013, we have received great comments from our valued clients due to the professional services we have offered. Furthermore, our experienced sales team is driven to provide excellent service to our customers until they are delighted with the end result. Finally, I must mention proudly that our clients are supplied with the most desirable land plots at a reasonable price and value to fulfill their ambitions.

Jayantha Kumara

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Shasika Trimawithana


Shasika Trimawitharana, who has industry experience over 15 years, joined the company in 2017 as the Manager Financial Services. He was promoted as the Assistant General Manager in August 2019 and then has been appointed as a board of Director in 2020.

Shasika‘s wide experience in leading real estate companies in the country brought him to this level with the experience he gained in many areas such as Management style, strong interpersonal skills, technical knowledge and Human Resource management etc.

With his extensive experience and expertise in real estate sector, he is playing a vital and dynamic role within the corporate management of the company to execute the business plan that has been set by the board of directors and to achieve the Mission of the company.

Chamini Nisansala

Finance Manager

B.B.Mgt. (Accountancy) at University of Kelaniya plus 4 years experience

Saranga Hegodaarachchi

Sales & Marketing Manager

Saranga is a well-known sales manager within the real estate industry in Sri Lanka, he gained more than 15 years senior management level experience in many leading real estate companies. He joined us in 2017 as the sales manager to lead our dynamic sales team.

As a high-performing Sales Manager he helps us meeting our customer acquisition and revenue growth targets by keeping the company competitive and innovative. He is responsible for maximizing our sales team potential, crafting sales plans and justifying those plans to the upper management.

Saranga plays a vital role in meeting the responsibilities of a Sales Manager include establishing monthly and annual sales targets for the team and implementing marketing strategies to analyze trends that cover all aspects from revenue projections to expense controls. He ensures targets are delivered through performance reviews with rewards given out by focusing on individuals’ success rather than just collective successes as seen within the company.

Inoshika Heiyanthuduwa


20 years experience in the field

Asuntha Jayawardana

Project Manager

Asuntha, joined with us as project supervisor when we commence the business in 2013 among very few first employees of the company. He was promoted as the project manager to oversee land development projects from 2018 which was a well-deserved promotion considering his dedication and achievements. As the Project managers he initiate, execute, and complete land development projects in various part of the country.

He has demonstrated diverse skill sets that allow his team to approach each assignment in a unique and strategic way. Most importantly, he understands how to leverage entire team project management skills to complete project with differentiated features within the set out budgets and time frame. As the project manager he effectively communicates with his teams as well as stakeholders throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. He handles the delegation of tasks most effective manner.